Suit Yourself

The countdown to traveling to the Island for the holidays has officially begun. Once again I will go on my yearly pilgrimage to find out for myself if indeed the country ha cambiado muchíííííísimo (see 3/18/10).  There is much to do between now and my departure date. Buying gifts for those who truly appreciate it (see 5/18/10), getting a mani-pedi, waxing, applying a keratin treatment to combat the tropical humidity, and praying that I bump into the ex-b’s and queen bees (see 8/12/10) top the to-do list. As I rejoice thinking about seeing family and friends who have yet to flee the Island and begin to review my itinerary, it dawns on me that now is the time to carefully plan my outfits.

A conformist society necessitates garments that conform to specific events, venues, and social expectations.  Since I am quite a versatile gal, I have a panoply of friends whom I keep apart due to Island idiosyncrasies  (see 3/10/10) which mandate that all individuals conform to a mold (see 5/2/10).  For every trip, everything must be kept as compartmentalized as possible, with one common denominator: me.

For your consideration, I have put together a couple of touchstone outfits that represent some of the many events I have RSVP to thus far. In addition, like most websites do nowadays, I have included a list of recommendations should you identify yourself with any of the ensembles. 

Going To The Capital’s Country Club

The theme for this outing is “Scene to be Seen,” meaning that if it were possible to wear your outfit inside-out for people to see the label, trust me when I say Islanders would do so. Don’t worry. They will be quite forward in asking you flat-out the name brand of your clothing. If you wish to play along, you also do the ever so “subtle” and unsolicited, “son de la marca tal” when people pay you a compliment.

Silk tunic: Giangfranco Ferré * Bag: Desmo * Shoes: Marc Jacobs * Glasses: Lanvin

Every piece of this  outfit is made either in Italy or France. The purpose is not just to conform to the protocols stipulated by people who attend El Contri, but it also serves to piss them off by proudly showcasing the audacity Yorkies (such as myself) have to show up decked-out in the most prominent fashion labels.

People who like El Contri also like: Marocha, Fellini, Pepperoni, Jean Louis David, Casa Virginia, Acropolis, Aura, La Marina de La Romana, Blue Mall, Café Milano, Sophia’s, and UNIBE.

Having Beers in Zona Colonial

Way before La Zona was en vogue, I would hang out with artists and people from La UASD to talk about politics, current affairs, books, and world music. It is definitely the place for anti-establishment social outcasts whose sin is being so broke to even afford a car. Beware though that some El Contri patrons may appear surreptitiously as bohemian posers in places such as Hard Rock Café and Segafredo, also located in Zona Colonial. Real bohos hang at: Parada 57, Proud Mary’s, Atarazana 9, and Bobo’s.

Hand embroidered huipil: bought in Mexico in el mercado de San Ángel * Uniqlo “Jeggings” * Bag and sandals purchased at a going out of business sale in The Village. (see 5/18/10)

Broke Bohemians also like any colmado near La UASD, Cinemateca, La Feria del Libro, Casa Teatro (depending on who’s  performing).

Un Cafecito at Doña Fulana’s

This is where the detestable beige palette is a must. Visiting Doña Fulana is the time when you become your mom’s mascot as she shows you off in a make-your-mom-proud-moment. And why not? After all, these Doña Fulanas talked so much behind your back about how your mom was way too permissive, too liberal, too Americanized. Of course, all comments cease to continue when your mom se entera del escándalo that Doña Fulana’s daughter is either a lesbian, knocked-up out-of-wedlock, or worst of all: divorced.

Top: Elie Tahari * Capris: Banana Republic * Bag: Eliott Lucca * Sandals: Purchased at a cute boutique in Napa.

Doña Fulanas also like: Iglesia San Judas Tadeo, Funeraria Blandino, Supermercado Nacional, Panadería La Francesa, Casa Mora, and any place that sells velones perfumados, colchas, or mercería.

As you continue to tune in, I will be putting together a daily travelogue of my outings, occurrences, and of course, the comments so á propos for this blog. Until then, stay warm with some old-fashioned eggnog. ¡Salud!

68 responses to “Suit Yourself

  1. Hilarious! I feel fortunate reading this because I have NEVER come across people like the ones you describe in the Dominican Republic (pretty sure I mentioned this to you once in a conversation we had). Maybe I’m hanging out in the wrong places or staying too long in the hotels/resorts to notice all the bad behavior. However I’m happy that I’ve been exposed to this other side of the DR through your blog and now I can properly arm myself with the appropriate snarky response if the need arises.

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  2. Nuala! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this link! I couldn’t stop laughing! I loved it! You are on the money when it comes to the Island’s idiosyncrasies. I was expected to return after graduating from college and practice over there… I just couldn’t do it… If I had, most likely, I would have ended up in jail from strangling someone only because they were stupid!!!
    Keep up the good job! =]

  3. I don’t go as often, cause there is always a reason to get upset when I’m there. I can tell you plenty of stories… And my mom still cannot understand why I choose to travel to other countries instead of the routine pilgrimage to DR. I don’t have the pull to the Island because from the moment that we moved there, till the day I left, I was never treated like one of them. I was always the “Americana”, la gringa, and the all time favorite “Dominican-York”. I even have a scar in my forehead from a fight that I had with my cousin when I was about 5-6 yrs old and he was chanting “Yankee go home… No queremos gringos”.

    • I think this happened to you because you were a Dom-York, I am assuming your not a “rubia ojo azul” otherwise you would’ve not been harrassed like that.

  4. Here is another story:
    When I graduated from college, my mom got upset at me because I didn’t get the big, flashy college ring, that you can tell from a mile away that you have a degree, I got the classy and simple version one, that you need to be up close in order to realize what it is. She needed for me to have that type of ring so that people could know that I’m an *blah-blah-blah*… It pisses me off when people ignore you because they don’t know who you are or better yet, what they can from you… But the moment they know what your degree is, their whole attitude changes. Some people did that to me and I was just disgusted with them…

  5. Fallaste Nuala… se te olvidan un reguero de sitios de la gente del contry… Red Room, Praia, Mitre, Hue, y Hermanos Dueñas.

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  6. You are spot-on! It cracks me up because there are so many people I know that actually give into this way of thinking. Although they act like the opinions of others don’t matter to them- they’ll go buy fake Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel Burberry or whatever the “hot” bag/label” is just to prepare for the trip & get eyeballed by “la vecina” o “la prima.” (ie: “social expectations”)

    It’s a losing battle- if you don’t show up decked out they think you aren’t doing much with your life, but show up in designer labels and you are a show-off who gloats, brags and is “too good” for “your people.” Or better yet- you are just creating an impression because you know they will tell so&so all about it. (What happened to looking good just because you want to look good?)… People always have SOMETHING to say….ley of the land I guess?

    I also guess that’s also why everyone in the ‘hood has knows what a blackberry is & owns some sort of cell phone… *sigh*

    Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!!!

  7. Love the outfits… Please keep us posted with stories on your trip… I can’t wait to hear what people are doing now a-days. Maybe to your surprise “La Isla” has indeed cambiao muuuuuchiisimo. Here’s to hoping *cheers*

  8. You, I would love to meet one of these days…know what you mean about “el contri”…it is sort of cloying at times.
    Santiago is a little different, especially now that my grandkids are getting bigger!
    But the “pley” is still a lot of fun! And you can let your hair down at some of the “típicos”…

    Too bad we can’t cross paths…Do have a great trip and make Momma proud!!

  9. Yes, and she is spot on!! And funny too!!



  10. She definitely have a chip on her shoulder against Islanders and the DR.

  11. I met one mother visiting from Nueva Yol who said that in the old days, the DomYork women would actually RENT jewelry to come down here and show it off!

  12. Her comments on the Country Club crowd are interesting as is the need to keep momma happy, too….
    Read it slowly, she makes some good points.

  13. Love this blog. As a “gringa” living in DR I see this but am apart from this. We have our own stories to tell….. I love your writing,your humor and your take on things.

  14. i love her she is so attuned to both sides of the coin.

    • that, permit me ifornm you what did do the job. Your article (parts of it) can be extremely powerful which is most likely the reason why I am taking an effort to opine. I do not really make it a regular habit of doing that. Next, despite the fact that I can notice a jumps in reasoning you come up with, I am definitely not convinced of how you appear to unite your points that produce your conclusion. For right now I shall yield to your position but hope in the foreseeable future you link your dots much better.

  15. We must thoroughly delve into her background in order to come up with a psychological assessment to her analysis of the Dominican psyche. what social circle does she run with when in the DR, The poor ¨Barrio people¨ or the upper climbing middle class. Surely anyone reading this thread should know that much like any other country the social classes here in DR do not mix nor mingle together.

    It will never be the same to visit Gurabito Country Club, than say for instance the El Centro Español, here in Santiago. I´d bet that if she attempted to gouge peoples eye out with her cheep superficial way of life, in one of the top rung of the ladder Country Club, in this or any country she´d be ridiculed to say the least.

    My point, this individual simply wants to fit in and maybe be recognised by other for her accomplishemts, hence, not knowing on how to go about it, I feel, she´s lashing out at everyone.

    Note: I am not a psychologist, this is simply my two cents to this Blog.

    • I dont need to delve into anything man. She is on point in her assessment of rich phonies who obsess over fancy European cars and clothes. I think she understands precisely how trivial her own people are.

      The difference being that as a Dominican from NY she has a level of affluence(in her City job) that allows her to float through Dominican social classes mellifluously while not being constrained by either of them, which is what native Dominicans could never do. There will always be a tell, something to expose the poor to the rich and something that rich would say that would bely their intentions.

      • Let me get this straight RacerX, so what you´re saying is that Dominican rich are more phonie than say for instance……New York or European rich. I would believe that if someone is phonies for driving and expensive car (Although he or she has earned it) then everyone driving the same style of car, no matter where they come from would be deemed phonies aswell.

        I just can´t get over the fact that she knowingly and willingly selected a certain group of people and choose to villainies them for being as you put it ¨phonies¨ I now ask you are their different levels of phonies in the world, and if their is, would you please state the different levels so I could learn to distinguish them when I see them.

        • I think she can pinpoint to high level of accuracy how phony the affluent are in Santo Domingo. You are judged solely on what you have and how trendy it is. Anyone could get a luxury car, but you have to have an Mercedes. It doesnt matter what class but it must be a Mercedes or other trendy HotWheel. Anyone can have leather shoes, but you re only worth my time if you have Manolo Blahniks. Anyone can buy a watch but only a real hotshot can get a Coco Chanel timepiece.

          And to prove her point she brings these clothes just to expose how desirable her companionship is to rich and poor alike based solely on how fashionable her attire is.

          I see many dudes and women when they go to the hotspots and you can tell from the shirts, sunglasses and the jeans that many…MANY, of the people wouldnt know what was cool or trendy if it pee’d on them. But they would if some 55 year old woman in a midtown Manhattan high-rise told them so. They wouldnt know good music if wasnt heard on MTV. I mean, seriously look at how they dress? They pose in pictures and its looks like a stock background footage from 90210. Everybody gets a Range Rover, or LX470…but I have never seen a G500.

          • Beauty and taste are in the eye of the beholder, if I choose to wear Ferragamo shoes over the ones you´ve stated, then thats just my taste. I drive an Audi A6, thats also my taste, For you and your friend to pass judgment over others, just because they don´t fit the mold of what you consiber trendy or real fashion, and then label them ¨phonies¨ is completely beyond comprehension.

            Furthermore, after spending six years of walking the halls of a higher learning institution in the States (as a prize to my accomplishments) I am entitled to lavish myself with the finer things life has to offer. I just dont see anything wrong with this, and neither does she for that matter. She her self states in post No. 14 Quote ¨ On an outing I decided to wear my diamond ring which I worked very hard for¨. So its fair to say that those outside of the Island are okay to show off the fruits of their labor, but the same doesn´t apply to those on the Island.

            This seems to be a double standard to me.

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  16. No, if she was any a member of other nationality and wrote amusing observational sketches about her fellow countryfolk it would be just as praiseworthy, but this is a forum about the Dominican Republic so we wouldn’t be discussing it here.
    There are things in her descriptions that are universal – the Doña Fulanas she describes have a lot in common with some elderly ladies I know where I come from, for instance.

  17. Why is that your fashion and car tastes are suddenly superior than those Dominicans? Is a matter of tastes, more likely you’ve been snubbed by them and are now trying to get back at them, just like the blog writer. Dominican Yols fighting back!!

  18. There are many good points to this “Dom Yol” vs. “Islander” argument. For those that are for the Islanders… Would you genuinely say that Islanders gladly welcome Dom Yols with no judgment what so ever? Wouldn’t it be fair to say that Islanders are as judgmental of the “Dom Yols” as perhaps the “Dom Yols” are of the Islanders? I myself experienced an uncomfortable situation in the Capital with one my cousins. On an outing I decided to wear my diamond ring which I worked very hard for. Now let me start by saying that the ring by no means was this outrageous “look at me” piece… It is a simple piece of jewelry. My cousin surprisingly looked at me and flat out told me “those can’t be real diamonds” at which point I had to uncomfortably reassure her that they were. Is there anything wrong with simply saying “nice ring” and leaving it at that. By all means, when I wear my ring I am certainly not fishing for compliments. I am not a flashy person at all. But fishing or posing the comment in order to get me to say that they were real puts me in an uncomfortable situation. Another thing, when I did reconfirm that they were real, she never said “that’s nice” she simply made a face that almost made me feel guilty for wearing my ring.

    In other situations, I have unfortunately experienced some full on prejudice simply because I am not from D.R. How is that not judgmental?

    Islanders, I beg you – Don’t get defensive. Simply accept that unfortunately there are many judgmental people out in our Island. Instead of empowering each other we are in this vicious power struggle for the better “Dominican”. FYI just because I don’t live on the Island does not make me any less Dominican than those who do. No need for competition.

    • I will guess and say she was envious. Envious that you can be in a place where you can ENJOY your work, enjoy your salary and have a salary that gives you some level of disposable income. You have a nice piece of jewelry and its frivolous, ONE of the MANY nice things you have from being in the US. She has maybe ONE or TWO nice things that she has to cling to and never any place to wear them to.

      The prejudice about not being from the DR is funny. I feel it as “You dont know how things work because you come from a place where things work. Therefore I am in my right to exploit.”

    • I’m really not sure why pelpoe keep ripping on this. James has, once again, nailed a style perfectly. He knows what he’s doing, why he’s doing it, and how to do it better than it’s been done before. And given the way that James talks with and about his clients (especially Reckless Love), it’s difficult for me to believe that he’d be content to produce anything soulless .As usual, awesome work James. I’m looking forward to whatever else you share with us here.Cheers!

  19. Society here is very judgmental on many many levels. High society does it. the poor do it and the middle class do it.

    Do you not see how women at clubs check each other out and comment on the outfits? It happens all over. As a foreigner when I go anywhere my clothes are checked out, dissected and commented on, sometimes to my face!

    I really enjoyed reading the blog. Well written, insightful and very entertaining.

  20. My tastes are better because they are MYYYYYYYYYYY tastes. There is no magazine or TV show where you can unbottle all the things I like and sell them like a magic scarf that you can throw on yourself while thinking “Once its on, you re in.” And then once you do all those things then you too can be a “cool” as I. And then next season we do it all over again with new things that have new names or in a new style because some Svengali type character told me to. I dont require a person to have Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, a Fendi handbag or Porsche Panamera to hang out with. And I m non-plussed if they do. Its like that 5th Dimension song “You dont have to be a star to be in my show.”

    And just to share a little bit, in 2000 I met the 55-year old woman who was running a “hip” Internet firm on Broadway in Gramercy Park. Clearly, I didnt get the job but I m glad I didnt. The whole interview process consisted of her using cliches and “trendy” phrases(I m serious here). Somehow I got the impression that she ran her company solely based on what she saw on CNBC, TMZ, or Entertainment Tonight. To the best of my knowledge I have never heard anything in the 20th Century nor any century about middle aged women being the barometer of “cool”, sans Lady Godiva. Have you?

  21. @Taino808
    I think you misunderstood her article. We(she) didnt pass judgment over people because what they have. She is pointing out how the wealthy people in the Santo Domingo Country Club scene do. And just like Jerry Lewis did in that movie where he painted himself into a tuxedo from painters overalls, she does the same using the attire of the day. MY point is that there is no mold of what is REAL fashion or trendy. And if there were, do you think it would consist solely of high-end name brands? And if it did, seriously, who do you think the arbitors of this would be? The people who make Glossy Ad pages in ELLE, Cosmopolitan and GQ is my bet. But how would you know if they were actually telling you or selling you what hip was? When I was growing up, it was Sergio Valente shoes, Kangol hats and Gazelle eyewear. And BTW, the Ferragamo shoes would get you in but the A6 wont do, its just a dressed up Passat. Trade it in and get a TT, an A8, a Q7 or even better an S8. Then you can make the best phony friends you ever wanted.

    I didnt understand the 2nd paragraph, something wine and roses about going to school. I dont know what you are saying there.

  22. i find her judgement seems like that of an outsider at times…so much so that she DOES seem to insinuate new yorkers are so superior to dominicans. i cannot stand that tone of her blog for this reason. she is not objective and she isnt looking at both sides of the coin: she is applying her new yorker standards to the DR and consequentially downing the latter. vende patria, if theres ever been any.

    for outsiders it seems clever as she probably says what youre thinking…but an insider wouldnt find it so funny, me thinks…more so derisive and arrogant…really off base at times, actually.

    its almost like she has no f*ckin clue its exactly the same in the u.s. just w slightly diff dynamics. im guess she hasnt been exposed to enough of the american uppity folks if she hasnt noticed. she paints it all as absurd dominicansim that hip new yorkers are so above. yeah f*ckin right. who is more superficial than uppity new yorkers? WHO?

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  23. Yea, I could do without the NYC debutante stuff too…BUT of course an insider wouldnt find it so funny. She just called them hillbillies. I dont think she said the US was any different than the country club scene in the DR. As I see it, she is saying that the need to conform to every little detail of social life in the DR can make the exposure of the inconsistencies humorous, like Dona Fulana who talks big sht about her daughter’s accomplishments when in reality she is an unmarried mother of 2, college drop-out, lesbian.

    • I’m loving it as usual man. I was never a huge metal head but abuolstly love the design style looking back. Modern-Retro is so much fun to look at these days when it’s done right. And you do it right.I just read a recent post by you on Twitter and was wondering if this was the collection of posts you were talking about. If it is, you’re right. The internet allows people with no talent, no creativity, no morals or common sense (which isn’t so common these days as it is) to be obnoxious idiots anonymously bashing people and their hard work with no worry of retaliation. I guess the only recourse is to delete the comment and pretend it didn’t happen or just leave it as proof not everyone has evolved as far as we would have liked by now.Either way, your real fans look right past these posts and feel bad for the jerks leaving these messages.

  24. thing is, dominican culture values homogenity greatly…maybe even moreso because its such a small island. its irritating…and comforting…all at once. And we loooveee to gossip.

    however, i find that in order to make it “big” in the u.s. working for other people or whatever….you have to conform big time and mirror the upper class whites in every way. if you do not, you are too ethnic and you suck and are relegated to lower positions. thats why i ran from corporate. so, it really all depends on how you look at it. then again, the u.s. offers me the opportunity to be an “other” in relative peace….i get the side eyes anyway….but i guess in the DR its so small you get side eye plus “i betchu she does drugs too. she wears too much black!” which becomes “the devil worshipping chick who does drugs” by the time it gets to the next person. LOL been there, done that….ran from it and now know how to deal with it….w being the “weird” girl…forever…lol and somehow getting by anyway.

    Dominicans believe you CANNOT get anywhere if you arent the mirror image of everyone else. It is kinda true in many ways….in most of the world.
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  25. The argument that I am more Dominican than you or I am a real Dominican or New yorkers are superior to Dominican or whatever, makes no sense unless you make that comparison as an individual.
    There are many types of Dominican for instance the Banco Central executive or the perico ripiao fellow on B.C… both Dominican. And that bank exec. has more in common with another bank exec from.. Clombia than the fellow Dominican tha plays merenge.
    I have said that your own ethical commitments and not the actions of your fellow nationals are the reasons for pride and steem.

  26. My thoughts exactly about the magazines you just mention, they are there to make you judge your self for what you are not, and to show you what you need in order to become someone else. The same goes for all the award and entertainment shows in the States. The soul purpose of these entertainment shows (Extra, Access, E!) is to sell you an image so you could look like the actors on the big screen. This mind set would make anyone living in the States more judgmental towards others around them, than any Islander could ever be.

    The second paragraph was clear and simple, I believe you knowledgeably avoided it because I made reference to your friends ¨phony¨ self when I quoted her. Yeah sure I´ll admit that the A6 is not the best of car, however, its far from the best I´ve had. The Q7 been there done that, and also the S500. Keep in mind that I don´t drive in these cars to make new friends as you stated above, if you really want know why, then please revisit my previous post and reread the second paragraph.

  27. It’s funny how they do stare at you up and down and “compliment” you on what you are wearing…followed by a “mira pero ella usa la misma talla de fulanita…Tu no tienes ropa que le puedas dejar” Funny enough you try to pack light to travel and when you come back your luggage is nearly empty because fulanita needs clothes to go to school and you just so happen to wear the same size. Only to return next summer to find that your expensive shirt is now being used as a mop. lol True story.

  28. The one thing I don’t miss about living in DR is this constant feeling that I am in the set of Gattaca. I am more of a colmadon type of guy but on occasion I will visit the lates hot spots because thats what people do on the Island….they go to places to be seen. I am privileged to have friends and family who do not care if they are seen or not seen. For them as well as for me, its all about enjoying the company, the conversation, the moment.

  29. Nuala, like you i used to plan all of my outfits and made sure i brought with me all the brands i thought would get me noticed. I’ve stopped trying to fit in. I realized a long time ago that will never be Domincan or American enough. I enjoy traveling to DR yearly and ignore the comments. I used to take all my good stuff but now opt for stuff i dont mind leaving to family and friends. I would not dream of taking my LV bags, diamond ring, and tiffany jewelry to impress. I mean i go to have fun not be worried about getting mugged.

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  30. what is so surprising about what the article says? there is nothing really surprising nor amazing about Dominican “pyche” is just a remnant or another form of “redneck” culture. most of Dominican society is just a contradiction to me.

    what i find fascinating is the author’s interest in going back every so often.
    I really do not understand such need.
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  31. I disagree with you.
    when it comes to the USA, you cannot compare the fundamental principles upon which society was built (true culture) to those in the Dominican Republic.
    the US was founded by and for FreeMen. Not so the DR unfortunately.
    If you understood the principles of freedom which emanate from the founding documents of US society, you will understand that is truly not about emulating, a certain race, but rather emulating principles, that in turn, become culture, that in turn enable the individual to achieve whatever goals, he or she aspires to.

    is too complex to explain in a single post. but the reality is, Most dominicans see themselves and the rest of the world thru the prism of race, and this is in itself a self projected limitation for most.
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    • My favorite bariagn recipe is my shrimp dish no, I don’t have a name for it . I start with shrimp, obviously, and cook them in a pan with garlic, olive oil and italian seasonings. When the shrimp are done, I throw them on some french bread (cut lengthwise) and pop them in the oven covered in parmesean cheese! Yum! We usually have a salad with this, and it is super easy and quick!

    • There are definitely a vreaity of particulars like that to take into consideration. That could be a nice point to deliver up. I provide the ideas above as normal inspiration however clearly there are questions just like the one you convey up the place an important factor will likely be working in honest good faith. I don?t know if greatest practices have emerged round things like that, however I’m sure that your job is clearly recognized as a good game. Both girls and boys really feel the impression of just a seconde2€™s pleasure, for the remainder of their lives.

  32. She sounds bitter to me, neither truly accepted in NY society because of the ethnicity yoke she wears nor DR society because of her self-styled NY “cool.”

    We see that a lot in the DR, foreigners not fully accepted in their country to the extent they’d like, seeking refuge in the DR where they are fawned over as “special”, yet not accepted in Dominican culture because they can’t or refuse to accept the contradictions within their host culture.

    Her bitterness comes out as “I’m better than both” arrogance.

    I wonder if she even knows NY/Northeast US culture is just a small slice of overall US culture, just as Santo Domingo Country Club is hardly representative of the totality of Dominican culture.

    But opinions vary, all blessings. At least she got off her butt and actually created and WROTE in her blog. Few do that. Kudos.

    • Who is not accepted in NYC because of ethnicity yoke (whatever that means)??? 40 % of the pop is foreign born and there are about 1 millions Dominicans if I am not mistaking.

      I agree that she does come out a bit arrogant as I am better, I am from the best city in the world type of thing, which is very very New York and-Dare I say it ?-very American*

      Too bad cause her blog could have been a lot more interesting.

      *her latest blog entry is Why Do they hate US so much….

  33. I agree with you.

    I like her blog. But the impression that I get from reading it, is that she’s only been to the Dominican Republic and “The City”. I could be wrong. But that’s definitely how she comes across in her writing.


  34. I have met many, many Dominicans and Dom Yorks who have that exact view of the US.

    I’m fortunate to have traveled to every US state except for NV and Maine (55 of the 57 ). I’ve lived in GA, FL, AL, TN, NY, PA and OR (plus the DR), pretty widespread and scattered. I’m not sure folks have any concept how many completely different “cultures” exist within the US.

    NY is not the center of America, nor is SD Country Club the center of the DR.

    I think she enjoys trying to show how she’s “better” than Island-tied Dominicans, while a “victim of ethnicity who got out of the ‘hood” in the US.

    Writing skills are no indication of emotional health.

    • Thanks for the thoughts you talk about trghouh your blog. In addition, several young women who become pregnant never even try to get medical health insurance because they worry they wouldn\’t qualify. Although many states right now require insurers offer coverage despite the pre-existing conditions. Prices on all these guaranteed programs are usually higher, but when considering the high cost of health care it may be a safer route to take to protect your current financial future.

    • A provocative insight! Just what we need!

    • I’m quite pleased with the information in this one. TY!

  35. She writes well, but it does seem that she is stuck between cultures.

  36. That’s probably prevalent among the “1st generation born or raised” in any new country. In NYC you will find a lot of this going around but by the 3rd generation native born, with a little cultural and ethnic “cross pollination” it is guarranteed to subside.

  37. While what you say is true…I experienced it as a young guy in Tampa where many of my friends and frat brothers were 3rd generation Spanish who couldn’t speak much Spanish and their grandmother couldn’t speak much English, and they were just as “Americanized” as I despite the latin surname…it is not an excuse for talking down another culture.

    I find humor in her complaining about the trappings of some aspects of Dominican culture, yet she went out of her way to “fit in” and be “accepted” with extensive wardrobe planning.

  38. Her 5 mins of fame on DR1 are over.

    She was warned about link spamming, but continued.
    She used new usernames that we banned.
    You only give a person so much rope.


  39. This was one of the funniest blog posts I’ve read in while and I can identify with your experience – with exception that I never gave a crap about what ppl back home though. Still don’t. Dona Fulanas — that is so true!! Got a good laugh. Thank you.

  40. What happened over at Dr1? What’s with the aggression?

  41. Pingback: Dressed to Kill | Nuala Knows

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