Volvio Nualita

Hello Nuala followers! I have finally made it to the Island and after sorting out the very expensive WiFi and making sure that there is plenty of hot water, I will provide you with the tidbits and snippets of my much anticipated trip.

I will start by saying that I once was told that the three most important friends to have are a doctor, a lawyer, and a cop. I will add to that list a friend in the airline industry. I guess it pays to be a pseudo-celebrity because upon my arrival to the check-in counter, I was escorted by a friend  who offered me a free upgrade to business class. Wow! I haven’t even left JFK and already I feel like an Islander, you know… pretending to be have more status than what I actually do.

At the gate I play a little game of pinpointing the Islanders. I’ve spotted two girls.  The giveaway clue: the long bangless hair and pouty face that says “I’m too good to talk to you.”

Upon landing,  let the rat race begin: getting a tarjeta de turista, stamping my passport, filling out a customs slip, praying that the suitcases have made it, and most importantly putting the don’t fuck with me because you don’t know who my daddy is face so that the customs guys don’t open my suitcase.

Outside there is a swarm of people waiting for their loved ones while the AMET guy tries to control the out of control traffic.

I take a SICHALA cab to my hotel. The driver talks to me about the same ol’ same ol’ politics, corruption, el metro, and how el doble sueldo de la navidad ya se fue sin haberlo cobrado.

I get to my hotel and after unwinding and taking a nap, I now begin to call friends and family. The itinerary is set. Let the adventures begin.

4 responses to “Volvio Nualita

  1. “[M]ost importantly putting the don’t fuck with me because you don’t know who my daddy is face”

    LMAO!! You just described every single encounter I’ve had with a Dominican authority figure (customs, cops, bureaucrats, etc.)

  2. Carlos Rodriguez

    HAHAHA!! I see the cast, characters and tribulations of making it onto the Island has not changed in forever. But once there, life is good!

  3. I’m shocked your family lets you stay at a hotel. I told my mom I’d stay in a hotel once and she didn’t speak to me for a week. Good times!

  4. Este platillo muy tpciio no necesita de ciencia mas bien de gusto, queda a criterio el aji peruano ya que no a muchos les gusta el color rojizo, se debe usar las 5 hierbas basicas de la cocina y el secreto una buena yuca tierna.

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