Feliz New Year!

Happy 2011! May all of you have mamajuana wishes and sancocho dreams. To all you Dom-Yorks out there, keep it real… keep it positive… and keep striving.  We are the Dominican-American dream. Cheers to bilingualism and biculturalism. But most importantly, salud to never being defined according to social norms.

5 responses to “Feliz New Year!

  1. Multi talented, ambidexterous, multi lingual, and most of all, Primero Muerta que sencilla!!!!!

  2. happy new year manita! estás en santo domingo o en las afueras? send me your number via facebook or email, would love to get together pa’ tomarnos par de frías!

  3. This is is the shortest blog, but my favorite so far!!! You hit it right on the nail!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT.

  4. Hi RJ Flamingo –Continuing the out vs in discussion: A frenid of mine showed me her apartment which is in a massive complex that comes complete with swimming pools, outdoor exercise area, games rooms and such. Told her I’d never want to live there because paying the maintenance fee would make cheapo me feel obliged to stay in the complex and use all that stuff more — in which case I’d be spending less time out and about in the rest of Hong Kong!Hi Bengbeng –Woah, that’s a lot of moving. Hope it was over a long period of time!! And ouch re selling your books so cheap… but can understand: tried selling my books at a street market in Penang. My conclusion from that is that Malaysians don’t like to read books all that much! :(Hi Carver –Sounds like we’re of like minds (re reading and more)! :bHi Annie –Glad you like the glimpses into Hong Kong life I’m giving you, and hope you have a great weekend too! 🙂

  5. That’s a knowing answer to a difficult question

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