Open Letter to DR1

See irony1 . 2, 3.  burlesque, caricature, parody, travesty. Satire, lampoon. Refer to literary forms in which vices or follies are ridiculed. Satire, the general term, often emphasizes the weakness more than the weak person, and usually implies moral judgment and corrective purpose.

Source:Random House,

Dear Members of DR1:

Several months ago a friend recommended that I subscribe to your site in effort to not only participate in the discussions contained in your forums, but to hopefully make my blog available to your readers. Upon much review and consideration, I had finally decided to reach out and formally introduce myself to one of your moderators on January 15, 2011. I had explained the purpose of my advertisement-free blog and had cordially requested permission to be allowed to write on your site.

No sooner did I submit my request and to my surprise and dismay, I was banned from your site with no explanation whatsoever.

It seems that the content of my blog has bristled your moderator to the extent of banning not just myself as the author, but also other fellow Dominicans who comment about my site.

I offer no apologies or justifications for the topics I write about, nor will I expect all readers to agree with me.  But it would be provincial of me to suppress the opinions of those who are in disagreement with my writing. Thus, part of being an educated individual is to allow opportunity for readers to discuss, reflect on and criticize the pieces I have put forth so far. To prohibit the aforementioned would be a doltish display of censorship that we might have seen in the Dominican Republic circa 1945. But then again, censorship is a part of the Island’s ethos, as proven by the countless numbers of songs and artists that have been banned throughout time. Hence, I was wrong to believe that I would be an exception.

I am thankful that as New Yorkers, we are lucky that the good people of DR1 are not in charge of our city. For there wouldn’t be SNL, Whoopie Goldberg, Dennis Miller, Michael Moore, Joan Rivers, Chris Rock and countless other personalities who provide the single most important thing that defines Western society: the freedom of expression to allow a social discourse that engages participants to laugh, scrutinize, and appraise our society. It is what allows Bill Maher and Ann Coulter to appear on the same stage, and why thanks to Dave Letterman, we laugh at the expense of Sarah Palin.  All this in good humor, but most importantly in effort to engage the audience in thought-provoking dialogue.

Finally, I wish to make it clear that I hold no grudges against the good people who run DR1.  Banning me is perhaps that best thing that has happened in my young life as a blogger. It gives me proof to vehemently continue what I have been asserting since the start of this site.  I invite you to stay tuned for my forthcoming piece: Islanders can’t handle some truth nor they can’t take a joke.



20 responses to “Open Letter to DR1

  1. DR1 banned you when you asked if you could write for them? I’m not sure I understand. Anyone can blog for DR1 it’s part of their set up. I think we need more info on this.

  2. I have seen this happen to others as well. The assumption is made that you are spamming or into shameful self promotion. Whether you are or not is simply not the point it seems.

    I like your blog. I do not always agree with you but I respect your opinions and your experiences.

  3. I personally enjoy your blog. No, I am not a dominican but I am married to one. I am not surprised you were banned. I have been reading DR1 for a couple of years now and it seems that if you do not agree or go along with a certain way of thought….your are banned.

  4. Robert seems to get off on banning people who tell the truth and are outspoken. Dr1 has many posters that use the foulest of words and are totally obnoxious and nothing ever happens to them. Then you have someone like Tamborista who speaks the truth and never uses foul language but HIS points are taken away from him. Dr1,(Robert)has his pets and they can get away with anything they want, but if you aren’t in his click….you’re screwed. Honesty and truth will never be important to DR1(Robert)….All he cares about is the buck….And that’s the truth.

  5. What it boils down to is that DR1 isn’t that special, most of the information that their members give is bogus and you will get more criticism than answers. If the moderators and owner would do there jobs better and ban the people who really deserve it, Dr1 would be worth spending one’s time. As of now, your time is better spent surfing the net for the information you seek.

  6. If I may say so…. La envidia mortifica. Hahaha! I bet they can’t just stand the fact that you roll with da thugs, the yankees, the people from “el contri” the barrio people, the intelectuals, etc… etc…etc…All I can say is FINALLY… a space for US!!! You go you Dominican-Yol girl!!!!

    • 16dI was just looking for this infmaortion for a while. After 6 hours of continuous Googleing, at last I got it in your web site. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that do not rank this type of informative web sites in top of the list. Normally the top sites are full of garbage.

  7. Can you tell us which moderator you contacted before posting your Blog on DR1?

    Sometimes members will report spam and sometimes things and people get deleted by mistake.

    retired Mod

    • 12fFascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you doaownld it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog stand out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Thank you

  8. Unlike some others, I don’t post behind the words”Anonymous”.
    Despite what you say, most of you cannot keep away 🙂
    I just the love the DR1 and Robert haters, too funny!

    Nuala, the reason you was banned from DR1 was made VERY clear to you.
    You continually kept spamming our board with your blog link.

    It was not a problem the first couple of times and your posts stayed up.
    But you continued to keep posting links, which ended up in a ban.
    You can read into it any way you want, but that’s the bottom line.

    I enjoy reading your blog, it’s insightful and funny. Keep up the good work!

    Before I depart, let me address the comment about I only care about the “buck”.
    If we didn’t, then DR1 wouldn’t exist and it wouldn’t be the amazing free resource it is today. You might want to do a little research on how many clients we have lost due to our strong stance on spamming and not deleting negative posts relating to clients.

    Carry on…

    • To Robert, You don’t have to post anonymous because we cannot ban YOU….If I had the authority, I would ban you from existence. You punish adults like they are children and guess what, our spanking days are over. You act like a tyrant wielding a big stick over our heads and you act like Big Brother.
      You let certain people post whatever they want no matter how vulgar and disgusting and others that say one word that you don’t like are banned OR you take away their points. You are a child in an adults body and DR1 would be better off without you.
      Love, Anonymous

  9. Nuala i would not worry about DR1 banning you. There are many ways to promote your blog. Call me if you need help you know who this is.


  10. Gerritt_from_Canada

    she is certainly dishing some dirt against DR1 and Robert on the main page of her blog….

    She does appear to have a chip on her shoulder.


  11. I read that and read part of it again, and I do not see it.
    It seems to me that there is probably a bit of misunderstandign here.

    While I would thing that she could provide a link to her blog, as she comments on things Dominican, I can see where too much might bother some people.

    If you read her comments, they are pretty down to earth, and from a young person’s perspective. Her vocabulary and writing is far, far superior to most of what goes up on many sites and above average for DR1 also..

    I say give her a break…I like her…


  12. She’s using DR1 to garner traffic to her site.

    And she is doing so in a misleading and dishonest manner.

    I wouldn’t give this fool an audience. Just the way she misrepresented herself, her motives and her MO is enough not to want to bother with her.

    And her writing style is pure pseudo-intellectual jibberish, reminiscent of Oswald Bates-

    • Sad news, sounds like she was an amzaing woman. I don\’t mean to be flippant in the face of this, but I\’ve tagged you. Pop in to my to see what you have to do, should you choose to do it!Tania

  13. Dr1 is only interested in postings about where Dominicans are at. Dominicans in Virginia, Dominicans in Austin, Dominicans in carajoland. BORING!!!! No wonder you got banned. A smart and funny blog has no place in the land of the chicken heads.

  14. Gerritt_from_Canada

    If you are going to plagiarize my posts at least take the time to spell my “handle” correctly.

    Thank you,


    • Thank you sir, This was a like a Valium . I am following a way, but this one is sure dirfnfeet. I will follow your path to achieve success in exam. By the way i am not preparing for IAS but i want to do. I want a schema over this. Please assist me.Thanks..

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