Response to Robert DR1

Dear Robert:

First and foremost I wish to extend my sincere gratitude for taking the time to personally address my letter as well as for complementing my blog.

I wish to address several points you have made in your response to my Open Letter to DR1, dated January 19, 2011

It is false that I had spammed your site. According to my research and unbeknownst to me, three people had posted my link or cut and pasted my writings onto your Dominicans Abroad message board. As a person who manages thousands readers, you must know Robert that one has little control over the readers that visit our sites.

Your statement that the banning was clearly expressed is also blatantly false. As a New Yorker, I understand the meaning of protocols and proper procedures. Hence, I had registered under the handle Nuala Knows and reached out to your moderator Alter Ego on January 15, 2001 to formally request permission to blog on your site. I had hoped I would have been extended the same courtesy of least an explanation if this were at all possible. Instead I received a reply that read as follows: You have been banned for the following reason: too many i.d. use 1 login and one only, date the ban will be lifted: Never. In my opinion, this does not constitute a clear explanation.

Furthermore, I have never accused you of being a shallow profiteer. That was a comment made by an anonymous reader. Trust me when I say that as a New Yorker I do understand that hard work, such as what you have put forth, merits compensation.  We could have had a discussion about advertising Nuala Knows on your site had your moderator presented this option to me. Once again, the fact that your site is admirably fashioned under American standards had fueled the expectation that I would be extended at least a letter of acceptance with stipulations (economic or not) or letter of denial with a clear rationale.

Finally, I wish not to engage in a cross-debate pertaining to this issue.  I just wanted to acknowledge your comment and further clarify your assertions. Please know that it is my opinion that your site is a touchstone in the Hispanic cyberspace. It shows proof of our Dominican ambition and perseverance.  I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.



14 responses to “Response to Robert DR1

  1. I agree with almost everything you have written. Except this:

    “Please know that it is my opinion that your site is a touchstone in the Hispanic cyberspace. It shows proof of our Dominican ambition and perseverance.”

    If DR1 was started by or run by Dominicans then you would be correct. Robert has often been referred to as “pasty white boy”. He is an expat.

    Not to take anything at all away from what he has created! I feel DR1 serves a huge purpose. I don’t agree with everything said on the site but that is what makes it interesting.

  2. Hey Nuala shout those graduating from higher education period.

  3. Did all those user names come from the same IP? Otherwise I would give her benefit of the doubt.

    • so do you want NualaKnows unbanned?

      • Morning Mark when i logged on this mornnig there you were next to our Cheryl. No not in her bed that would be rediculous. She has malaria you know and what did your mother tell you about mixing it with girls who have malaria? My mam who will be 90 on August 8th told me from an early age where to put my cursor and her words always stuck with me as i trained for the celebate life. Now have i spelt celebate correctly? Yes my oxford says yes so it is in the q and a. Have you seen that movie with Nick Nolte playing the bent Irish cop covering up for his boss who too was bent? What a blast. Think i will watch it again when i finish this little head to head.So you are off to Caledonia. I spoke to a lass from Caledonia yesterday when setting up a visa payment. What a jolly wee person and her voice sounded just like that Lorraine Kelly. I was amazed at how similar their voices were and i just knew that Lorraine could also sell life insurance over the phone.Anyway mate your taxi is outside and i’ve got chickens to pluck when i have had a litre of Chai. So i will say adios y que sigues bailando. Only one l.

    • We\’ll both have to remind each other dunirg the winter how much we were craving cold weather right about now. Last winter was the first winter that I didn\’t love because of not being able to get Nolan out enough. But this summer I\’ve found the heat to be just as oppressive as the cold, and we hardly go anywhere. Hopefully it will let up soon.Thanks again for the blanket!! I\’ll have to send you some pics of Lil\’ Bit in it this fall. Of course, my pictures never look as good as yours, but that\’s ok.

    • Wow, that’s a really clever way of thinking about it!

  4. Who cares about Dr1. Let’s get Nuala known through other more important/better-known channels.

  5. You’re just a bit too pretentious for my taste. Your blog straight-up sucks.

  6. Tituaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eso se llama en la isla “una pecosá sin mano” You go girl…don’t even bother with them…

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