Got Yorks?

“You know very well, who you are. Don’t let ‘em hold you down, reach for the stars.” Biggie Smalls

In this edition, I offer you the result of a question that was asked of me: Why do Islanders hate Us so much? This question got me writing a short list of plausible rationales of why, through no fault of our own, the sight of a York is the equivalent to the Antichrist for many Islanders. If I left something out, please add your own on the comments space. So, Islanders hate us because (drum roll please):

  • We don’t have to watch Seinfeld to experience what a diner is.
  • What We call the median salary, They call “to’ los cuartos del mundo.”
  • Their essentials: electricity, water, gas and a guachiman. Our essentials: a manicure, a dry-aged porterhouse, bubbly and Blahniks.
  • For Us, Comida China is not world-class cuisine.
  • Neither is Friday’s.
  • In The City, Fiesta Privada does mean Private Party. It is not code to keep black people out of establishments.
  • You never have worry about uttering the words: “me botán porque empecé a ganar demasiado dinero.”
  • Pedir fiao and pagar al paso are foreign concepts to Us.
  • You can always count on having your own apartment to do the naughty, instead of sneaking off to San Isidro to do the dirty.

Remember this: even if our parents are blue-collar workers because they unfortunately were not extended the same advantages others might have been born with, they raised us with the unequivocal belief that WE can achieve anything we desire. Therefore, what is  available to some Islanders through mere privilege, YOU have achieved through hard work.  (A special shout-out to all my first generation Yorks graduating from the Ivy League on this one! Rock on…)

We take pride in that despite that we do not come from a privileged background, our achievements, along with our perseverance, resilience and tenacity keep us grounded enough to appreciate and help those who are following in our footsteps.

It’s cold out there. Keep warm with some Irish coffee.

13 responses to “Got Yorks?

  1. I love the fact that we can add to this list….this can go on forever…so here is mine:

    I love the fact that when we introduce islanders to the concept of Brunch they react like….wow you mean this in not exclusive to the creme de la creme….

  2. Hanging at the mall, Starbucks, happy hour, broadway show, weekend in Miami, dining at Nobu or jean george, live-in nanny, house cleaning service, new car every 2 to 3 years are part of the middle class in USA and only to the privileged in DR..

    Oh before I forget we can get the high end fashion at discount while the pay full price for the same.

    Lastly, we care about philanthropy and helping the less fortunate.

    The list goes on and on..

  3. Ikea is our starting furniture, living in college or internados is no big deal, exclusion so we can feel better is not necessary, whole foods, trader joes, are around the corner, spa are in every corner, Nuala this can go on and on and on..

    “dominicanos” will continue to exclude so they can feel special. Let the exclusion continue I will continue to visit the country and spend my USA dollars at places like Punta Cana and other places that cater to real people..

  4. Nuala shout out to those that graduated from higher education period.

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    • Great insight. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

  5. For us having a retirement account, mutual funds and buying stocks is part of our investment portfolio and not something we see others do or speak about in movies…

    And the list goes on…

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  6. As an assimilated York that moved here from the island, i can just come to the humbling conclusion that I was very wrong. You have to live here to understand it. As much as you try to explain to the islanders how life is here, you have to live it to believe it! all the wonders of living in a place like New York will not burst the hypocritical bubble the islanders live in!

    • You called it Bob, Stars lose to the Blues last night ended the sseoan-tying win streak at 2. Now let’s hope the Stars can lose 3 in a row to end the sseoan and improve their draft position…

  7. Going to the movies is a casual outing not an event requiring a make-up mask, high heels and evening wear.

    Dressing up and getting all dolled up is an option not an expectation or requirement.

    • I don’t think Delia taking out the new agers conuts as a win on the regular schedule. That was more like the pros putting on an exhibition match with a minor league team.And, yeah, I almost went with Friday 13th Part VI: Jason Lives for this one until I remembered Omen IV.

  8. Shout out to those graduated college!! – despite it being ivy league or not.

    Here’s another one to add to the list..

    We have unlimited nights and weekends on our cell phones!!! – they were in shock when I told them this.

    I would hate to buy a calling card in order to use my cell phone.

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