School’s in Session

A la clase, que ya es hora de empezar nuestra labor, están haciendo la suya, las abejas en la flor. Y si trabajan las abejas, y acaban en miel su labor, trabajemos en la escuela y haremos algo mejor.

I remember singing this song as a young student attending primary school on the Island. Oh the innocence of childhood! That is of course, until you get excluded from birthday parties and play dates because your parents simplemente no cuajan con el perfil de la urbanización (whatever that means).

For September, I plan on providing some profiles on Dominican Yorks that are uplifting our community by doing amazing things, because lord knows that we just can’t leave it up to Islanders to sing our praises (not that they would anyway).

For starters, I offer you the recently published book titled: Tracing Dominican Identity: The Writings of Pedro Henríquez Ureña by Juan R. Valdez, Ph.D. McMillan, 2011.

Juan R. Valdez is a friend and colleague. The first Dominican to obtain a Doctorate in the area of Hispanic Linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center for Doctoral Studies, he has done extensive research on the construction of language and identity in the Dominican Republic. In addition to this publication, he has also conducted important research on the English speakers of Samaná who are descendants of emancipated slaves.

School is officially in session! Let’s not forget those long hours of debriefing and deconstructing the lesson over some birras.

3 responses to “School’s in Session

  1. Nuala… Thank you so much for this info. I need to ask you a couple of questions regarding Dominican scholars in the US. I will most definitely contact you.

  2. Gracias por tus amables comentarios. Ojalá que mi libro pueda llegar a las manos de los estudiantes dominicanos, aquí y allá. Te deseo mucho éxito en este y todos tus proyectos. Abrazo, Juan

  3. Congrats on this most excellent video. Brings back meiermos of my time in Oxford and visits to Greyfriars.Well done again…super stuff. We need more of this quality material out there.

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