The Dark Side

Autumn is upon us. The turning of the leaves and long walks in Fort Tryon Park make me rejoice in the Fall collections, hot cider, Halloween, and of course the gift from our German brethren, Oktoberfest. Speaking of German, this edition covers the loanword Schadenfreude: to take pleasure in another person’s misfortunes.

I learned about Schadenfreude in a magazine article about how in small dosages, it is said to increase the production of our happy hormones, serotonin. There are also different levels of Schadenfreude. While it is fine to laugh at Beyoncé when she fell flat-faced in one her concerts or clap when Ruth Madoff was stripped of her assets, these examples of Schadenfreude are perceived as acceptable because according to social psychology, we are simply humanizing those who are idealized in society by bringing them down to the level of the common folk. However, taking pleasure in someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness is a darker shade Schadenfreude, which makes you a son of a bitch devoid of empathy. In the age of social media I have had my healthy share of Schadenfreude. Seeing my Islander exes showcase their growing bellies and receding hairlines, while I look as though I haven’t aged a day (so I’ve been told), tickles my heart.

Schadenfreude made me think about my next topic of discussion, which involves (and brace yourselves boys) the Figueroa Agosto X-rated tapes. In previous postings, I have mentioned the baffling situation of Islander women semi-sleeping around, yet appearing to be “puritanical” for the benefit of their decency demanding boyfriends (See The “S” word ). And while Islander men tout the “innocence” and “faithfulness” of their girlfriends/wives, the blowing of the horn is happening elsewhere as exemplified in one excerpt where the covert sluttiness is enjoyed by el capo himself.

Figueroa Agosto: (Inaudible, but boy does the man talk!)

Unidentified Woman (in a very girlish and lipsy voice): Pa que tu vea como es el mundo yo no le hago eso, mano (I am assuming she means she doesn’t do certain dirty endeavors with her man)

Figueroa Agosto: Inaudible but he responds something like, ¿Es verdad?

Unidentified woman: Yo no se chupal… (she says as she uses Figueroa’s penis as a tongue depressor).

This episode of the secret life of cheating wives and girlfriends is a prime example that it is Islander men who are doing all of the swallowing cuando se tragan el cuento que la muchachas criadas en la Isla make better girlfriends because they are über decentes. When Figueroa Agosto’s video was leaked and the shit hit the fan, I couldn’t help to experience a little Schadenfreude in the name of all York girls who have been misjudged and dumped by Islander men for supposedly being über libertinas. This Oktoberfest I raise my carafe and toast to them. Prost!

Note: Due to the raw nature of the videos, all links leading to them will be immediately deleted from my blog, so don’t even try it!

18 responses to “The Dark Side

  1. Haha! di’que yo no se chupal! I have never gotten that. Why do women over there want to be perceived sooooo decent even as they are doing the dirtiest things in bed? I think that what is worse is the men that believe them. What would Samantha from SATC do?

  2. Okay so I am confused! On one hand I do get what your saying but on the other, are you saying that you feel happy for what this woman is going through?! She lost her husband, is condemmed to a wheelchair, and had to face public hummiliation, have some sensitivity please!

    • Wait, the woman in that scene lost her husband? So should we excuse the fact that she cheated?

      • No… what I am saying is that this woman has suffered enough. Yes she lost her husband because he was massacred right in front of his house and yes she is a paraplegic. If we are taking in the message that we should somehow take pleasure in what this woman has been through, then Nuala is indeed a “bitch devoid of any sense of empathy.”

        • Sorry but I disagree. Do you think she thought of her husband when she was cheating on him with Agosto? Did she feel empathy towards him while she stuffed her mouth with his genitals? What can she expect when dealing with delinquents especially one of Agosto’s caliber? Roses and a thank you note? You know who I feel sorry for, the truly innocent people who might’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time… Not one who steps into the lion’s den full of greed because i’m sure thats what half of these women were full of. They see a man with money and all rational thought goes out the window.

    • I think you are missing the point Anon….She is simply stating that there still is this disparity in Island society when it comes to how York girls are judges and how the islander girls are judge when they do the same and in some cases even worse. This whole episode has hopefully opened the eyes of island society in that they are no different from the girls they judge and discriminate against. Sensitivity can not be one sided.

    • Yes, I know about the wrong bag at the wrong time. The list I want isn\’t there, or the library books were in the BoucherCon bag, not the Lone Star bag but a lot of them do get used!My SO had a bunch, too, be we didn\’t have any enntrprisieg children to help make those bags work for their living.

    • Someone necessarily asssit to make seriously posts I might state.Which can be that the very first time I frequented your website page and so far?I amazed with that the analysis you madeto create this particular publish extraordinary.Fine process!

  3. Este fue un caso muy triste en donde la avaricia tanto de la mujer como del coronel acabaron con la vida de Gonzalez en pleno 24 de diciembre. Me pregunto hasta donde ira a parar la bagamunderia de los politicos y militares, y las chopas con las que estos se involucran? Nuala no critiques tanto a la Isla porque si mas no recuerdo, a tu presidente por poco lo tumban por estar de faldero y cigarrero con la monica lewinsky. La corrupcion no solo se ve aca, pero lo que si envidio es que al menos tu pais es mas organizado y por lo menos existe la libertad de prensa y expresion y hasta de cierto modo, a los criminales se les someten a la justicia.

    • Si la corrupcion es mundial….pero no es de eso que se trata este tema. Los escandalos de este pais no se tapan con el dedo como se hace en la Isla. La critica es exactamente lo que se necesita para que se les abra los ojos a la gente las realidades de esa sociedad.

      • Brian,Hey, man.As I mentioned in the paatcehetinrl in the first paragraph of this post, I teach three two-hour sessions on weekdays (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), and four two-hour sessions on Saturdays. Sessions are normally no shorter than two hours (well, one hour and 50 minutes).We can’t do 20-minute breaks, alas. Our format is pretty rigid. Specifically, it looks like this:Weekday sessions:Session 1: 3:30PM-5:20PMSession 2: 5:25PM-7:15PMSession 3: 7:20PM-9:10PMSaturday sessions:Session 1: 9:00AM-10:50AMSession 2: 10:55AM-12:45PMLunch (12:45PM-1:15PM)Session 3: 1:15PM-3:05PMSession 4: 3:10PM-5:00PMSome teachers have taught students for one-hour sessions before the 3:30PM session, but that’s about as flexible as it gets. I’ve strongly recommended that Devil Child be taught for only an hour (a literal 60 minutes); whether the Powers That Be will listen to my wishes, though, is another matter. I’ll be very discouraged if they don’t.I also need to read up on teaching ADHD kids. I’ve come to realize that whatever chemical imbalance is screwing them up isn’t something they can help. They come off as obnoxious, but it’s almost as if they’re compelled to be that way. Of course, as a believer in human freedom, I still think such kids have a duty to master their own wayward tendencies, however difficult that might be. I’m pretty sure that if I went all Jack Bauer on the Devil Child, strapping him into a chair and threatening him with torture, he’d clean up his act right quick.

    • Intrade just went 60 to 40 in Brown’s favor. According to most recent polls, Brown is ahead, some dolbue digit.I think the writing is on the wall and Obama is playing damage control before it’s even over. Typical Obama. No loyalty, just cover your own a$$

    • This “free sharing” of information seems too good to be true. Like communism.

  4. I don’t think this article is so much about justice as it is about hypocracy. What Nuala seems to want to bring to light is how although women on the Island are extremely judgemental towards the more sexually liberated women, they themselves do a lot dirtier deeds. Of course this case of El Capo is sad, but hello? What did these women expect when they became intimately involved with a huge mafioso? Shouldn’t they have thought of the consequences first before hitting the sack?

  5. Where can I get this vid?

  6. Haha! You said genitals!!!

    • For some reason, human feeodrm and extreme psychosis do not mesh well.I think all teachers (actually, all human beings) need to see first-hand some of the suffering that those who are truly mentally unbalanced face while fighting the horrors within their own minds. This isn’t a readily apparent handicap like the loss of an arm or legs, but it is a war in which the healthy can’t even begin to fathom the horrific battles occurring minute to minute in the minds of those cursed by god(s). I, too, have had many devil children over the years, and that one hour, or two, that they are in your class is an hour, or two, in which their parents can get some peace of mind. And at least in the U.S., you, your boss, and the kid’s parents should be able to meet and try and come up with a method of trying to deal with the kid’s problems even if it means “tough love” as in the case of Helen Keller. Yeah, I know that not many of us are as patient, or as gifted a teacher, as Anne Sullivan was. And that we all get extremely frustrated at some time or another with some of our more difficult students, but every child (who never asked to be born in the first place) deserves the semblance of a fair shake in this unfair world of ours. Personally, it took me many years and growing up in a family with a few mentally disturbed relatives to realize just how bad the card they were really dealt was/is. I hated my favorite uncle when he took the easy way out back when I was in high school. But once I met my “hidden-away,” and lobotomized, uncle several years later and saw his world in which many of today’s anti-psychotic wonder drugs still are no more than wide, inaccurate, shots in the dark, did I really come to understand that many people on this planet are enduring a truly living hell that the majority of society really doesn’t (and doesn’t want to) understand at all.

  7. It’s the sooooo prevalent philosophy of the “madonna-whore.” Husbands want their wives to be pure and virginal, yet they cheat around with more liberated women (single/divorced) that would be otherwise perceived as whores. On the same token, married women cheat because they can be more liberated with their “chulos” than with their husbands who clearly have bedroom issues which is noticeable when she says “Para que tu veas… yo no le hago eso a Amado” (Nuala, she says Amado referring to her late husband). I think Islander men are not interested in being 100% happy because of their issues with women. They marry out of obligation, they don’t end up with with whom they want, I can’t wait to hear about your adventures with Islander men Nuala.

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