Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and to present to you video from what seems to be a ghost from the past y que le dió una vaina mala. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I’ll let you be the judge of the cause of what seems to be an imminent heart-attack. Trick or Treat?

9 responses to “Spooky!

  1. Nuala, You just made me waste my precious time on this BS! communication in the DR seems to be going backwards.

    • We were just talking about this in coglele this morning – congratulations! I’d love to go, but I have already used my pass for next week on the Doghouse Autumn Collections launch in the Irish Writers Centre on the Tuesday… woe is me, not enough days in the week!Still, I will be thinking of you all 🙂

  2. OMG! Pero se va a morir!

  3. Comenzando por “comunicadores” con propia dicción: “otsión”, “jubentut”. Sabrá Dios cuántas pajas se hizo el triple-feo ése después de ver el video…

    • Thanks for letting us be there in proxy!You are our epleorxr – now, do tell us, where is it going to be held next time?Sympathy about the luggage – I arrived in Italy for my son’s wedding with just a HAT, as everything had cleverly remained back at Stansted. It is a wonderful experience to have nothing, suddenly – with the hopes of it all coming back. Everyday existentialism perks up writing!

    • If it makes you feel any better – hanivg a very easy name does not make things any ‘easier’. NOT ONE person can spell my name correctly. Weiss, Wyse, Wize, I get everything except the plain old boring as it sounds ‘Wise’. I usually, exhaustedly, retort when hanivg to spell it for the gazillionth time ‘W.I.S.E. as in ‘Wise Ass” … Then they get it. My maiden name was Dempsey and I gave A LOT OF thought to the name change years ago when we wed, and decided that Wise was the best choice – seeing as it is so much easier to spell than Dempsey. Ha!

  4. Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi Eso no e’ asi

  5. No sé con qué me he reído más si con el triple-feo o con los comentarios… Best thing I’ve done this weekend is to follow this blog…well I also made an awsome carrot cake…lol

    • I do write flash fiction oalnsioaclcy (when the right idea hits me), but I have almost given up sending them to magazines. And I was a bit surprised recently when they sent one back even though they liked the writing and the twist – but they didn t feel sympathy for any of the characters – neither did I, but I thought that was what was called noir 😉

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