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Ghost Town

The one thing that I always wonder about is how do people persevere on The Island. As Islanders become frugal consumers (meaning that they order their stuff via internet) it is impossible to imagine that businesses on the Island do survive . However, since the constant chant is that esto ha cambiado muchíííísimo and at the risk of being mugged on the streets, I decided to document two of the many exclusive plazas comerciales so that you can be witness of all of the “action.”

Warped in the Wrapping

Something Islanders are known for is their inability to do something for themselves or the more popular term: cogerlo suave. Of course when Islanders come to NYC a dar una trabajaíta, they find themselves shocked at the notion that in The City you actually have to not only work hard, but be efficient, sharp, punctual or you get the The Donald. I have heard uno que otro Islander say that allá se trabaja demasiado when speaking of the work dynamic in The States. But the pinnacle of Island laziness is the merger of lethargy and the Olympic gold of the cogerlo suave jobs: Gift Wrapping.

Gift wrapping is a win-win trade. The Islander, too lazy to wrap his own gifts, will drop off a box full of bottles for los clientes, toys for los ahijados, and cariñitos for the angelitos. In turn, la muchacha que envuelve gets paid for a hobby that is hardly a job, although Islanders consider it a talent in it of itself.

Gift wrapping starts with the selection of gift paper. This requires a tremendous amount of time and consideration for you have to answer the pre-wrapping questionnaire about the gift receiver: ¿Para hembra o varón? ¿Adulto o niño? ¿Liso o estampado? ¿Con brillo o sin brillo? After a good fifteen minutes, the gift wrapper then proceeds to “measure” the exact amount of paper to be used. This is done by unfurling some paper off the roll, placing the box on the uncut piece, folding the paper over the box, and then assessing whether or not she will cut. Upon her approval (which involves retracting the extra paper or unfurling some more) the gift-wrapper will cut the piece of measured paper. She will then carefully and painstakingly begin wrapping origami style, cautiously folding and delicately placing small amounts of tape on the gift, stopping at intervals to contemplate if the process is going well. This will take about twenty minutes. Then comes the placing of the ribbon or la moña. Ribbons are not ready-made, so you should feel very special that you will get a custom-made ribbon based on yet another questionnaire. ¿De qué color quiere la cinta? ¿Cómo la quiere, un lazo o una moña?  ¿De uno o dos colores? ¿La quiere rizada? Once you have answered all of these questions, the gift-wrapper will once again ever so delicately make a moña of about twenty buclés, again stopping at crucial intervals to make sure that the process is going as expected. One false move, and the gift wrapper will quickly toss the half-made moña to make a new one. Of course, this does not happen to veteran gift-wrappers. Finally and ceremoniously the gift-wrapper ties the ribbon onto the gift, fixing each individual buclé, splitting and curling the extra ribbon which result in about ten to fifteen individual curled tendrils of ribbon. The wait has been worthwhile because what Islanders hope for is that the receiver mesmerizes on the wrapping so, that she will forget how cheap the gift inside is.

Another day of Island life observed. I hope the cold isn’t hitting you guys too hard, but just in case, I send you some Dom-York love laced with some Anís del Mono. Oh! and a very special shout-out to my Eurodoms, Phillydoms, Bostondoms, and D.C.doms! Thanks for following!

¿Cómo está la cosa?

I ask a SICHALA (Sindicato de Choferes Aeropuerto Las Américas) driver how are things in this época navideña.

La Llegada

Vini, Vidi, Vici

As the last stop on the A train says… “At Long Last.” I was hoping to do a daily travelogue, but at a whopping US$6.00 for snail Internet per/day, I think I’ll keep it sporadic. I will not do much writing about what I’ve seen so far. I’ll let the NualaCam speak for itself. Until the next entry, keep it warm Dom-Yorks in NY, and keep it patient Yorkies on the Island.



Hello my darlings! As I prepare to publish my next piece, with joy I inform you , “Nuala Knows” appears as the first eight results in Google search. Nuala Knows was also picked up by Kari Cruz from Cruzie, a blog about fashion and lifestyle. Thank you my fans and stay tuned for my next rant.


Merry Christmas! I know I was supposed to keep up with a daily log of events. However, I have forgotten that los problemas con la luz and the unavailability of WiFi have hindered my ambitious goal. To keep things light, I will summarize the festivities of these past few days.

Pa’l Pueblo

Part of the tradition of my trip is to spend the holidays in our native Pueblo y en familia with all 20+ members of the clan. There is a certain agenda to follow as far as discussions are concerned. If talking about politics, we start with ese ladronazo del partido tal se robo to’ los cuartos, a dialogue in economics command a la cosa ta’ mala or ta’ dura, and e’to se ta acabando. What is most interesting, is that in spite of los ladronazos and nos está llevando el mismísimo diablo, somehow the conversation always ends in nos vamos para Punta Cana para esperar el año nuevo.

I’m in a New York State of Mind

There are certain necessities that one must never take for granted: hot water, strong water pressure, good air conditioning, and free WiFi. I had none of the above during my two days in El Pueblo. Somewhere between praying for the toilet to flush entirely and showering by body parts, it dawns on me that no matter how basic of a trip I take in The States, one can be relieved que no se va a pasar trabajo. Did I mention that this lack of amenities was in a hotel that charged USD 90 per night?


I finally get away from everyone and go to Terrenas with a couple of friends. This group of low-maintenance people knows the ins and outs of the bay, including the best place to eat fresh seafood. Of course they are the rare exception who will patronize small chinchorros where other Islanders wouldn’t even condescend to sit and have a beer. For some, the lack of fine linens, crystal stemware and silver flatware is completely unacceptable (not to mention being seen with a couple of nativos).  The important question though is, who is buying all the real estate that is so ubiquitously advertised? Y qué sé yo! responded one of my friends as I gulped my ron-coco.

Kiss The Ring Bitch!

I returned from Terrenas con un estropeo when I get call from a good friend insisting that I come over for a drink. Upon my arrival, I think I must have been hit by a sledgehammer when I saw a real live Yankee player sitting in the living room! I will protect the player’s privacy, but trust me when I say that it was  the vodka tonic that kept me from screaming like a teenager when The Yankee allowed me to try on THE ring.

It has been quite an interesting couple of days. Enjoy the pictures and start making your New Year’s resolutions list.