In God’s Name!

I’m coming back soon… In the meantime enjoy this. A shoutout to Yotin, Maili, Leli, Espenso, Braiyan, Radeliks (Rhadames y Belkis), Maibeyine,


On Hiatus

Hello! Hello! Hello! Yes I am alive and well. I’ve been quite the globetrotter and developing other projects that I confess are quite lucrative. But I haven’t forgotten you. So I will be on hiatus for some time developing new content and getting the site organized. I will announce the “New Season” on my Facebook page.  Until then, cójanlo con suavena.

Ghost Town

The one thing that I always wonder about is how do people persevere on The Island. As Islanders become frugal consumers (meaning that they order their stuff via internet) it is impossible to imagine that businesses on the Island do survive . However, since the constant chant is that esto ha cambiado muchíííísimo and at the risk of being mugged on the streets, I decided to document two of the many exclusive plazas comerciales so that you can be witness of all of the “action.”