¿Cómo está la cosa?

I ask a SICHALA (Sindicato de Choferes Aeropuerto Las Américas) driver how are things in this época navideña.

6 responses to “¿Cómo está la cosa?

  1. What is Borneo? Habla bonito, con eso no se come…lol!

  2. EL BORONEO! me encanta! eso viene de “borona” de cafe! Guay!

    • Eso es BORRA de café… las boronas son de pan… So he says “No Crumbs”… o sea que la cosa esta tan mala que ni siquiera hay boronas pa’ picar… LOL!!!!

  3. That guy is right on the money! Good interview Nuala 😉

  4. Fernando Martinez

    You are a talented and gifted writer. You have a keen eye, however your comments about the “islander”. They seem condescending, you are very funny. I don’t know if anybody has called you endophobic. Maybe you really want to be Colombian or Peruvian, alot of Domo’s secretly hate their background.
    They say, we’re too black, we’re to Latin, we’re not black enough, we’re too loud, we’re to this, we’re too that, badda bip, badda bap badda boop.
    Whatever, if you wanna smear, generalize and use your own people as a punch line that’s your cross to bear.
    Just know that your comments might come back to haunt you. Nuala, ya’know?

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