Ghost Town

The one thing that I always wonder about is how do people persevere on The Island. As Islanders become frugal consumers (meaning that they order their stuff via internet) it is impossible to imagine that businesses on the Island do survive . However, since the constant chant is that esto ha cambiado muchíííísimo and at the risk of being mugged on the streets, I decided to document two of the many exclusive plazas comerciales so that you can be witness of all of the “action.”

2 responses to “Ghost Town

  1. Why do I need to brace myself? I ve seen underwear before. Aw man, slander against the commander.

  2. You know how islanders love what’s in fashion o mejor dicho…a la moda…and I guess if you head to Blue Mall you’ll find them all haciendo que hacen o haciendo que compran…

    Enjoy yourself…

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